Gareth Crisford

Sales and Business Development

Gareth joined Earth-i in January 2016 to bolster the Sales and Business Development department. Gareth is a seasoned business consultant in the geospatial industry, with considerable industry experience. Before joining Earth-i, Gareth’s previous positions were Head of Business Development at CGG, NPA Satellite Mapping, and UK Sales Manager at Exelis Visual Information Solutions.

With a broad range of sales and consultation programme experience backing up Gareth’s comprehensive industry knowledge, he provides an effective and highly constructive contribution to Earth-i’s business development and client consultation teams.

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VividX2: The Countdown Begins

By Adrian Norris, General Manager and member of the Earth-i Launch Team from Sriharikota, India. The countdown has started, and in less than 24 hours Carbonite 2, or ‘VividX2’ as Earth-i ...

“…a new day, a new beginning”

By Richard Blain, CEO of Earth-i. With less than a week to go until launch of our pre-production prototype satellite, VividX2, there’s an ever growing sense of excitement, anticipat...