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Earth-i provides an assured stream of space imagery for any location on Earth, whether forests, ports, mines, refineries, construction sites, farms, roads or car parks. Our mission to advance Earth Observation and space data analytics is underway – so we can deliver unprecedented certainty for decision-makers and evaluators the world over.




Data from the DMC3 constellation (also known as the TripleSat Constellation) of very high-resolution optical satellites has been helping businesses, governments, traders, investors, NGOs and other organisations make quicker, more effective decisions since 2015.

Visit our website portal to access over 170,000 images in our archive – and request tasking for the DMC3 satellites to collect the intelligence you need.

Welcome to a new age of certainty

Our experts process and enhance your satellite imagery, turning data into relevant insights. Meanwhile, advances in big-data analytics, cloud computing, predictive algorithms and artificial intelligence are about to raise the value of space data to unprecedented levels – especially when integrated with other data sources.

Vision, intelligence and insight

We’re building a large constellation of very high-resolution satellites that will work in flawless harmony – ultimately raising revisit rates to several times a day, and delivering near real-time video from space. This will open new opportunities for the development of tools and applications that can leverage value from high-frequency, high-resolution image and video data.

Working with our partners at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd – the world’s leading manufacturer of small satellites – we’re sending our new constellation’s second prototype satellite into orbit in 2017.


Flow of imagery and data analytics from the British-built DMC3 constellation.
Launch of next-generation R&D satellite for Earth Observation with video.


Earth-i Platform launches with enhanced customer portal for online tasking, data analysis and integration.


Ongoing launch program of additional very high-resolution satellites for enhanced capacity, high-frequency revisits and flexible tasking options.

Come into our space and see our future constellation demonstration.

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