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June Newsletter Special

20th June 2017Press

30th May was a big day on the Earth-i calendar. We announced our plans for a new constellation of Earth Observation satellites on the opening day of the UK Space Conference in Manchester, and again subsequently in the USA at the GEOINT Symposium in San Antonio, Texas. Here is an abridged version of the announcement… (continued)

Earth-i Joins USGIF; Reveals More Details About World’s First Commerical Constellation to Provide Color Video Footage

6th June 2017Press

…joins USGIF and partners with OGSystems…  5 June 2017 British satellite company Earth-i today announced that it has joined the USGIF (United States GeoSpatial Intelligence Forum) and will be expanding its operations in the US. The company already has a number of customers in the US and is in discussions with other high-profile potential partners… (continued)

First video imagery successfully downloaded from Carbonite-1

1st June 2017Press

Earth-i today congratulated its partner Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL) in successfully downloading the first video footage from its technology demonstrator Carbonite-1. The demonstration of this capability marks an exciting leap forward in the development of commercial applications of Earth Observation data from space, not least as it follows on from yesterday’s announcement by Earth-i… (continued)

Earth-i Announces Plans For Europe’s First Commercial Video Satellite Constellation

30th May 2017Press

Innovative British satellite operator takes lead role in the commercialisation of space. British satellite company Earth-i today announced plans to launch and operate Europe’s first commercial constellation offering both video and imagery – and the first in the world to provide full-colour video footage. The launch of its own constellation is a natural evolution of… (continued)

How Satellites Are Keeping The Cost Of Your Flat White Down

11th April 2017Blog

Coffee plantings near Juja, Kenya (infrared) – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i Coffee production is a multi-billion pound industry, which provides a significant financial boost to the economies of some of the poorest countries in the world. However, factors such as climate change, coffee leaf rust, pests, and extreme weather can potentially cause a dramatic… (continued)

Earth-i Steps Up to Support the UK Space Industry

30th March 2017Press

Earth-i has taken the opportunity to support the UK Space industry’s main gathering to discuss policy, progress and challenges by becoming a Gold Sponsor of the UK Space Conference 2017 held every two years. This year the conference takes place at Manchester’s Central Convention Complex over three days from 30th May. The conference will bring together… (continued)

A gold mine of information

6th March 2017Blog

Leveraging remote sensing technologies like satellite imaging to support natural resource exploration activities is not a new concept. Doing so in a value-adding, cost-saving and user-friendly manner has been a challenge for many years. However, we have entered a new era of geospatial intelligence. More high-resolution imaging satellites have been launched since the beginning of… (continued)

How Satellites are Forcing Maritime Pirates to Walk the Plank

23rd February 2017Blog
Satellite image of Istanbul port

Istanbul Port Satellite Image – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i Maritime piracy affects major shipping lanes and trade harbours all over the world. In 2012, this resulted in a US$6 billion per annum impact to the world’s economy. What’s more, piracy puts at risk the lives of seafarers and merchant seamen, of whom hundreds are… (continued)

Satellite Intelligence: A Solution to the Refugee Crisis?

23rd February 2017Blog
Satellite image of Zataari refugee camp

 Zaatari Refugee Camp Satellite Image – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i In recent years, the global refugee crisis has reached unprecedented proportions. There are estimated to be upwards of 65.3 million people forcibly displaced worldwide by conflicts that have flared from Latin America and the Middle East to Western Asia and the Pacific Rim. A… (continued)

Earth-i has Quality at the Heart of Operations

17th January 2017Press

Earth-i understands that the buyers and users of remote sensing imagery need to have confidence in their suppliers. Driven by this customer-focus, Earth-i staff have worked tirelessly to implement a new Quality Management System (QMS) certified by globally renowned BSI Group to the ISO9001:2015 standard for the provision of imagery data, information products and value… (continued)