Gary Crowley

Head of Technology

After 15 years in the space industry, Gary has accumulated a rare wealth of knowledge and experience across the whole EO value chain from mission design and operations through to the processing and delivery of products and services.  He is responsible for developing Earth-i’s ground segment for satellite operations & data processing, and providing technical support for the Vivid-i Constellation.

Prior to Earth-i, Gary held a variety of entrepreneurial, operational and product development roles.

At Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd Gary coordinated the tasking and payload activities of the Disaster Monitoring Constellation, a constellation of EO satellites that are owned and operated by an international consortium of agencies from Algeria, China, Nigeria, Spain, Turkey and the UK.

From SSTL, Gary went on to become a founding member of DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) and was Head of Operations. He was pivotal in DMCii and the UK Space Agency becoming partner agencies of the International Charter: Space and Major Disasters, and proactively showcased the benefits of an EO Constellation to task and acquire imagery in preparation and response to global disasters and emergencies.

Gary has also worked on continuity missions and product development within Airbus Defence and Space for a number of years.

Gary holds a Master’s degree in Physics with Space Science and Systems from the University of Kent at Canterbury.

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