12th February 2019ACCORD

Increasing yield; meet the ACCORD team at the African Fine Coffees Conference

Coffee farming is hard work, and meeting global demand is getting harder. More than 120 million people in the world rely on activities relating to coffee production, including 25 million smallholder farmers and workers. With sales of coffee increasing around the world, new techniques to improve the coffee growing process are in high demand. Coffee… (continued)

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11th December 2018ACCORD

Drinking better coffee pays off

By Jonathan Sumner, Business Development Director The principal goal of the ACCORD programme is to increase farmer incomes. This achieved by empowering the individual farmer with knowledge from advanced satellite technologies and climate data analytics so that they can make optimal decisions about the management of their crop of coffee cherries from their trees. Such knowledge… (continued)

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27th September 2018ACCORD

How satellites are helping to make your Macchiato

By Jonathan Sumner, Business Development Director Earth-i is a ‘New Space’ company at the forefront of the development and deployment of next-generation satellite technologies and the subsequent commercialisation of space bringing new benefits to a much wider range of businesses and government sectors. These are indeed lofty ambitions. The inevitability of the excitement and (let’s… (continued)

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20th February 2018ACCORD

EARTH-i receives £2.7 million from UK Government to improve crop yield for African coffee farmers

EARTH-i, one of Europe’s most prominent New Space companies, has been awarded a grant of £2.7 million from the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Programme, which supports UK space firms tackling global challenges. The grant will enable Earth-i to launch the ACCORD programme in Kenya and Rwanda. ACCORD has been specifically developed to help smallholder… (continued)

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11th April 2017ACCORD

How Satellites Are Keeping The Cost Of Your Flat White Down

Coffee plantings near Juja, Kenya (colour infrared) – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i Coffee production is a multi-billion pound industry, which provides a significant financial boost to the economies of some of the poorest countries in the world. However, factors such as climate change, coffee leaf rust, pests, and extreme weather can potentially cause a… (continued)

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