Very High Resolution Satellite Imagery from Earth-i

Earth-i is your source of 80cm resolution optical satellite imagery and remote sensing products. We supply very high resolution satellite images from the new DMC3 / TripleSat Constellation, consisting of 3 identical British multispectral optical satellites. The constellation’s capacity and fast delivery of data allow for efficient monitoring campaigns and a responsive service to clients needing short notice tasking.

The DMC3 satellites were designed and manufactured by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), an Airbus Group company. Earth-i is co-located with SSTL on the Surrey Research Park in Guildford, UK.

With 45 constellation orbits every day, Earth-i provides very high resolution imaging opportunities of any point on the Earth’s surface at least once every 24 hours. The Earth-i DMC3 Constellation is also known as the TripleSat Constellation by the satellites’ prime customer, 21st Century Aerospace Technology Co. Ltd (21AT).

Benefits of Earth-i

Specialist support teams to assist you from order to product delivery.

Image anywhere on Earth every day.

High spatial and temporal resolution.

Direct access to satellite tasking.

Rapid response and fast image delivery.

Multispectral imaging capability.

Market Sectors / Applications

The DMC3 constellation provides a range of very high resolution imagery capabilities, including daily global revisits, supporting unique operational applications across a range of market sectors:

Products Summary

Earth-i offers a range of imagery, tasking, download and confidentiality products from the DMC3 / TripleSat constellation.