Detailed Maritime Monitoring & Tracking With Earth-i

With the greater part of the World’s trade in goods, oil and gas travelling by sea, the use of maritime tracking applications to monitor the movement of ships and activity at associated ports, and infrastructure, is critical for a wide range of organisations and businesses. Within the context of a spectrum of remote sensing technologies, tracking vessels with satellite data and imagery plays a significant role in ocean surveillance, change detection at key ports and responses to unusual activity or threats to security.

Earth-i understands the specialist requirements of organisations and agencies involved in maritime monitoring, observation and tracking. Effective cargo ship tracking, alongside other vessel movements via satellite helps ensure the safe passage of commercial shipping of all types. Unusual trend data can alert authorities and maritime agencies to observe and if required, investigate irregular activity.

Vessel tracking via satellites provides insights about onshore and offshore environments which are critical for any organisation involved in port management and planning. Very high resolution satellite data creates mapping images and bathymetry data to help in the long-term planning and development of ports and associated facilities.

- Vessel monitoring and tracking
- Port monitoring and change detection
- Support for anti-piracy and search and rescue agencies
- Fisheries monitoring and protection
- Environmental protection, enforcement and prosecution

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Precisely for farmers

Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and is critical to the economic output of many countries. Using satellite technology, along with mobile apps, the consortium of Earth-i and WeatherSafe work to improve coffee crop yield and quality and to improve the supply chain in developing countries.



What is bathymetry?

Bathymetry is the study and mapping of submarine topographies; in other words, what does the sea floor look like. In right water conditions, satellite data can create these images which can be used for measuring beach erosion, subsidence, sea levels, construction of harbours and, more recently in the creation of nautical charts.

How does big data improve security at sea?

Satellite big data – integrated with the Automatic Identification System – increases security at sea through vessel tracking and detecting movements in and out of ports. With the increase in piracy and the movement of contraband goods, these services become more important every day.

How can images from space support port development?

Commercial ports are vital to the economy of countries all over the world. The scale of the traffic in and out of them and the value of the goods carried is difficult to comprehend; designing, expanding and managing their operations is a huge job. Detecting change via a constant and regular supply of imagery will reduce the chances of incidents and increase the smooth running of these crucial facilities.