26th July 2018Blog

Everything happens somewhere

By Francesca Webb, Earth-i Summer Intern. ‘75% of the world’s population do not have access to formal systems to register and safeguard their land rights’ Highly developed nations have long-benefitted from sophisticated land administration systems. Now, they are reaping the rewards of their sustained investment in geospatial infrastructure.  The populace of developing nations, in contrast,… (continued)

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18th July 2018Blog

VividX2 Captures Mural for Nelson Mandela Day 2018

Today marks Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, with the 18th of July officially declared internationally as Mandela Day by the United Nations in 2009. Each year the day honors the former president of South Africa as he fought tirelessly for human rights and championed freedom, both in South Africa and globally. On 4th of April, our… (continued)

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15th June 2018Blog

Earth-i flies the flag for the growing UK space sector

Earth-i was recently named the number one “new space” company in Europe; quite an achievement for a company only 3 years old. Earth-i was set up as a major distributer of the DMC3/TripleSat Constellation data. Since then, Earth-i has added several constellations to their fleet of Earth Observation satellites, including their very own service demonstrator… (continued)

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6th June 2018Press

Earth-i Expands Team With New Senior Appointments

British New Space Pioneer Earth-i today announced new senior appointments who will help meet an increasing demand for insights and analysis drawn from its high-quality, high-resolution Earth Observation (EO) images and video data. In January Earth-i cemented its position at the forefront of the commercialisation of space and the rapid evolution of the New Space market with the… (continued)

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21st May 2018Blog

Social Space Event: Copernicus Sentinel-3B Launch

By Xu Teo, Client Services. 25 April 2018, 2032 CEST Darmstadt, Germany European Space Operations Centre (ESOC) We were in the Press Centre, on our feet, cheering, clapping, exchanging handshakes, some possibly even on the verge of tears. There were equally ecstatic scenes in the Mission Control Room (MCR) as Sentinel-3A’s identical twin sister, Sentinel-3B,… (continued)

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