23rd February 2017Blog

Satellite Intelligence: A Solution to the Refugee Crisis?

 Zaatari Refugee Camp Satellite Image – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i In recent years, the global refugee crisis has reached unprecedented proportions. There are estimated to be upwards of 65.3 million people forcibly displaced worldwide by conflicts that have flared from Latin America and the Middle East to Western Asia and the Pacific Rim. A… (continued)

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17th January 2017Press

Earth-i has Quality at the Heart of Operations

Earth-i understands that the buyers and users of remote sensing imagery need to have confidence in their suppliers. Driven by this customer-focus, Earth-i staff have worked tirelessly to implement a new Quality Management System (QMS) certified by globally renowned BSI Group to the ISO9001:2015 standard for the provision of imagery data, information products and value… (continued)

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28th November 2016Events

Earth-i attending BDVA summit in Valencia, 30th November 2016

As a participant in the European Space Agency’s Network of Platforms initiative, Earth-i is attending the Big Data Value Association (BDVA) Summit in Valencia on the 30th November and the 1st December. Owen Hawkins, operations Director of Earth-I is looking forward to discussing the future of Earth Imaging in the emerging market for space-based Big Data… (continued)

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22nd November 2016Blog

Principia Schools Conference November 2016

No cutting-edge technologies were used and no ground-breaking scientific discoveries were quite yet made. But an entire generation of future scientists were inspired! Earth-i was at a recent Principia Schools Conference in Portsmouth, organised by the UK Space Agency (UKSA), which exhibited and celebrated the work done by over a million school students throughout the… (continued)

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