17th October 2018Blog

Industry can contribute a huge amount to the defence intelligence community, so what’s holding them back?

The diverse nature of threats to security has never been so immense, and it has long been recognised that geospatial information provides a unique perspective to assist in understanding this environment. It is also widely recognised that the commercial world could play an increasingly important role in supporting Governments and Agencies in combating threats and… (continued)

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1st October 2018Press

Managing Unpredictability – exploring space data for the insurance sector

Earth-i is presenting at the 2018 Annual International Association of Claim Professionals (IACP) Conference in San Diego, California. The conference brings together claims professional to meet, network and address specific industry developments from the insurance sector. The agenda boasts a number of specialist speakers from a variety of backgrounds, including artificial intelligence and big data…. (continued)

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27th September 2018Blog

How satellites are helping to make your Macchiato

By Jonathan Sumner, Business Development Director Earth-i is a ‘New Space’ company at the forefront of the development and deployment of next-generation satellite technologies and the subsequent commercialisation of space bringing new benefits to a much wider range of businesses and government sectors. These are indeed lofty ambitions. The inevitability of the excitement and (let’s… (continued)

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26th September 2018Blog

Avoiding the Hosepipe Ban – using geospatial data to monitor water resources

It’s official, 2018 matched the summer of 1976, 2003 and 2006 as the hottest on record. The bright blue skies, scorching temperatures and minimal rainfall replaced the lush green cricket fields with huge, brown, dry patches of grass. However, these clear skies have provided Earth-i with the perfect conditions to capture optical Earth Observation imagery… (continued)

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25th September 2018Blog

UK National Earth Observation Conference 2018

By Owen Hawkins, Product Development Director It was great to see so much pioneering science and technology at the recent UK National Earth Observation conference at Birmingham University. A variety of commercial companies, research groups and universities joined public sector groups to discuss advances across Earth observation (EO) instrumentation, remote sensing methods and environmental applications…. (continued)

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19th September 2018Blog

Adina Gillespie attends UN-GGIM to share how Space can support Land Administration

Adina Gillespie, Earth-i’s Institutional Strategist, attended the Eighth Session of the United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management (UN-GGIM) in August. The session bought together more than 400 participants and delegates from 88 different Member States based across the globe. Once again, the Committee made important progress. A key theme of the… (continued)

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