31st July 2019Blog

EARSC celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Chetan Pradhan, Head of Institutional Engagement, has once again been re-elected as Chainman of EARSC. The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, also known as EARSC, is a non-profit organisation promoting the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology with the mission to foster growth within the EO market. Read Chetan’s blog as he feeds back… (continued)

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11th July 2019Press

Assessing Infrastructure using Geospatial Intelligence

There are many industries that need reliable and timely information and intelligence related to infrastructure such as buildings, powerlines, roads, railways, bridges, dams, in fact any large infrastructure. Whether it be for monitoring, maintenance, insurance or safety it is essential to have regular inspection and evaluation of infrastructure. One key challenge is that assessing risk… (continued)

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4th July 2019Blog

Europe’s 2019 wildfires already exceed last year’s blazes

As European wildfires are growing in scale and duration, and consuming increasing areas of forests, the economic costs can be crippling as the current Madrid and Toledo wildfire has already razed 3,300 hectares. The European Union’s joint research centre (JRC) has stated that wildfires have burned more land in Europe in the first part of… (continued)

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1st July 2019Blog

Top 5 uses of video from space – why full-colour HD video from space matters

Colour High Definition video from space is catalysing fundamental and disruptive changes for the Geospatial Intelligence and Earth Observation industries. Earth-i claims its place as the global leader, and we are not alone in recognising the value of video from space with others in the early stages of looking to develop their own video constellations…. (continued)

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26th June 2019Press

Earth-i Signs Armed Forces Covenant

Today Earth-i is pleased to announce they have officially signed the UK’s Armed Forces Covenant. The Covenant is a pledge by Earth-i to work with UK Armed Forces and to acknowledge that those who serve or who have served in the services should be treated with fairness and respect in the community, economy and society…. (continued)

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17th June 2019Blog

Use of archive data – predicting the future by looking at the past

As our digital world becomes more interconnected by big data and the ‘Internet of things’, the ability to access and process great volumes of new and historical data is ever increasing in importance for the success of a geo-spatial insights company such as Earth-i, as our colleague Sam Bancroft, recently mentioned in his blog “what’s… (continued)

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