20th August 2019Blog

Emergency Response – being prepared is the key to success

How geospatial intelligence and Earth Observation data can make a big difference Geospatial intelligence is often described as the knowledge one can acquire about the status and/or the activities on earth, derived from the analysis of geo-located imagery (satellite, airborne or other) and other geo–spatial information. This information describes and characterises objects, attributes and processes, which… (continued)

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16th August 2019Blog

Satellite AI in Major Construction: will it become the norm?

At Earth-i, we enjoy the challenges involved in monitoring complex systems such as agricultural production, metals markets and major infrastructure.  So, when we got the opportunity to look at construction in our InnovateUK: SatellAIve project, we jumped at it.  As an industry that occupies around 20% of all UK private business, and all the complexity that results… (continued)

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6th August 2019Blog

How can water security be linked to global conflict?

When considering the factors that lead to conflict across the globe, water security probably isn’t one that would come immediately to mind.  However, the combined effects of population growth, migration, refugee displacement, unsustainable consumption and climate change, are all putting significant pressure on the assured availability of fresh water.  The lack of a sustainable water… (continued)

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31st July 2019Blog

EARSC celebrates its 30th Anniversary

Chetan Pradhan, Head of Institutional Engagement, has once again been re-elected as Chainman of EARSC. The European Association of Remote Sensing Companies, also known as EARSC, is a non-profit organisation promoting the use of Earth Observation (EO) technology with the mission to foster growth within the EO market. Read Chetan’s blog as he feeds back… (continued)

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11th July 2019Press

Assessing Infrastructure using Geospatial Intelligence

There are many industries that need reliable and timely information and intelligence related to infrastructure such as buildings, powerlines, roads, railways, bridges, dams, in fact any large infrastructure. Whether it be for monitoring, maintenance, insurance or safety it is essential to have regular inspection and evaluation of infrastructure. One key challenge is that assessing risk… (continued)

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