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Our business is the provision of geospatial data analytics.   We reduce the complexity and cost of geospatial insight, so that you can harness its power with sensible budgets and without needing to build your own expertise. We offer this through bespoke projects, consultancy, data sourcing and training. 

To deliver all of this, we maintain a range of world-leading capabilities, which we outline below. 


Geospatial data is complex to design, to source and to interpret. Data can become expensive if sourced at high resolution and frequent update, but expert design and automation can extract meaning from lower resolutions and less frequent updates, making insight far more cost-effective.

AI & Machine Learning

We are experts in the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning for processing Earth Observation data. We use these techniques for a wide range of image and video processing; for example, to detect objects, categorise them and recognise changes.

Geospatial Portal (Spectrum)

We provide customers with a Geospatial Portal based on the Earth-i SPECTRUM platform. This portal allows users to discover, analyse and report on remotely sensed data, particularly satellite imagery. Users don’t need a deep understanding of GIS and satellite imagery to use the portal; it is as easy to use as Google Earth.

Multi-constellation Data

There are many constellations of earth observation satellites to choose from, with multiple sensor types and bands, each with different strengths and with different handling characteristics. For many applications, insight is best obtained by merging multiple sources, perhaps with external data. A key strength for Earth-i is the breadth of satellite constellations we source from, and our skill in sourcing the best data at the best price, drawing on our experience as a satellite operator.

Data Pre-processing

Earth Observation data requires a number of processing activities. For example, when first acquiring the data, it is important to make sure that location and height align precisely and consistently across all sources. This is especially important when sources are combined to create multi-spectral data. Further processing can be undertaken to stitch images together and to create higher resolution images from multiple source images. We process data as a matter of course, before we start to use it. If we supply data for your own use, we can provide a range of pre-processing to make it fit for purpose.

Research and Development Projects

We are experienced and highly skilled in undertaking Earth Observation research and development (R&D) projects, having undertaken numerous successful projects funded by organisations including Innovate UK, the European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency.