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Data Supply

Why use the Earth-i Data Supply service?

Our customers typically want to solve problems and make decisions at global scale; finding new ways to solve old problems using remote sensing, Cloud computing and AI. 

However, even though they may be sensing specialists, they may not be cloud specialists, AI specialists, GIS specialists, or data sourcing specialists.

We are uniquely placed to help, having both operator and data analysis expertise that lets us find innovative, cost-effective solutions.  With all the consultancy and data sourcing projects under our belt, we are very experienced in helping to work out the best, and most cost-effective way to source your data. What’s more, we can take the hassle out of sourcing, processing and presenting your data.

How does Data Supply from Earth-i help?

Customers are often new to Earth sensing data sourcing, and perhaps also to machine learning and AI techniques.  A key part of their process is to learn how to navigate the multitude of data sources and to develop a process for obtaining and processing the data.

We can help you get up to speed and get your data sourced.   

For example,

  • Where needed we can provide consultancy or training, to help you get the most from Earth sensing and solve your problem at the lowest cost;
  • We can help you decide on the types of data and the resolutions you will use;    
  • We help you assess the best frequency of data update, to balance insight with cost.
  • With our expertise in satellite operations, we can help pick not just the data sources, but also the suppliers.
  • We can design the data processing and the presentation of results and insights. 
  • We can run a proof of concept to help you test your ideas.
  • Finally, we can set up and run your data sourcing, including any processing, storage and presentation that you need.
  • We’ll manage the complexity of your data sourcing so that you can concentrate on using it.

Above all, we’ll do this in a helpful, proactive and friendly manner.  No task is too small or too large! Why not challenge us to help you with your data sourcing?

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Use Cases


Earth Observation is used where decision-making requires insight about things that happen in remote locations, across multiple locations or over broad areas; often across the globe.  This geospatial insight typically involves changes that happen over time.

Case Studies


Earth-i has a long history of successful projects.  Here is a selection of case studies

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