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We help companies and governments make better decisions by providing them with geospatial insight, at global scale, simply and at low cost.

We help them achieve the radical improvement in decision-making insight promised by Earth Observation, by reducing the complexity and cost barriers that have hindered its adoption for so many users.

We offer a range of services to suit each customer’s needs; from consultancy to special projects, and from data sales to sophisticated information services that are easy for non-technologists to understand and use.


Harnessing Earth Observation Data

Unlike other operators, we harness Earth observation data from multiple operators across multiple sensors and resolutions, and we blend these together with other data using cutting edge AI and automated data analytics. We package this with geospatial expertise to get you the answers you need to make better decisions, faster.

Our history of being a satellite operator helps us really understand the upstream satellite market and how to get the most from the many providers and services.

We’re flexible and agile with a long history of successful projects and happy customers. You can be confident that we’ll do what we say we’ll do, and that we can achieve your goals.

We may have the foremost earth observation experts and data scientists in the business, but you’ll find us helpful and friendly with a can-do attitude. We’re always happy to chat; no pressure!

Talk to us

Why not give us a call for a informal chat about your thoughts and questions? Or if you’re clear about the problem you want to solve, why not challenge us to help you solve it?



Our team is uniquely placed to help you achieve your goals, having deep skills, long experience across a range of technologies and industries, a friendly, can-do attitude and a passion to solve your problems.


Our Board


Our Trusted Network

We have a broad partner ecosystem to ensure we provide our customers with a diverse range of data, capabilities and insights. We passionately believe that for the potential of data to be fully realised our data must delivered on a global, timely and assured basis.

Systems & Processes

We aim to be the very best remote sensing analytics service provider you can find, whether you’re looking for a single satellite image, a time series activity analysis or a full supply chain monitoring solution.

To be the best, we focus relentlessly on our systems, processes and people.

We Build

We’ve built an end-to-end digital platform on which to run our business and deliver our services.

We Hire

We hire, train and nurture the best people we can find, to give you an edge with your projects.

We Invest

And we invest in processes and standards so that we can be a reliable, trustworthy partner



ISO 9001 certification endorses our consistent performance and service levels alongside the quality of our processes at all levels.


Cyber Essentials certification demonstrates that we comply with the requirements of the National Cyber Security Centre’s Cyber Essentials Scheme


Latest Vacancies


Your skills, commitment, values and passion mean a lot to us and our customers. We pride ourselves on being the best we can be, making a meaningful difference to each and every one of our customers.

As an Earth-i team member, you will add an exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding dimension to your life. We support and encourage work-life balance, as well as personal development. You will have the opportunity to access funding for courses that help you develop skills, further developing your confidence, personal growth and achievements.

Would you like to join our committed team of experts? Do you identify with our values? If you think you are an important piece to our jigsaw, why not complete the form to register your interest in becoming a part of the Earth-i team?


We’re extremely proud of our internship scheme. If you have the right attitude and aptitude and would embrace on-the-job training and college learning – why not apply for our summer internships via Sepnet and SPINS for careers in space?

The space and technology sector is booming. It’s fast paced, dynamic, evolving… and fun! For those just starting out – and perhaps struggling to find their direction in life (and we’ve all been there) an internship at Earth-i can help bridge the academic world with the commercial and be the best move you will ever make.

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