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A selection of material that may be of interest

Earth-i for Mapping and Cadastral agencies

Read more about how Earth-i can help National Mapping and Cadastral agencies. 

Intelligence as a Service 

Industry has something game-changing that Defence Intelligence needs. But has that sunk in yet? 

A Thought paper by Sean Corbett, CB, MBE 

Supporting sustainable coffee in a demanding world 

Read how the ACCORD programme helps deliver reliable and high-quality coffee supply and protects farmer livelihoods: building a more sustainable supply chain, from bean to brew.   A project in conjunction with the UK Space Agency 

Queensland Case Study 

Read how Earth-i is capturing very high-resolution imagery to support Queensland’s natural resource management. 

Airfield activity monitoring

Read how we provide long range Russian aviation detection to defence contractors around the world, using high-resolution optical data to identify the class and type of aircraft present at strategic airfields.  


Read more about our market-leading metals insight service, Savant.