Market Sectors / Applications

Data from our satellites provide extensive capabilities, analytics and insights through high-resolution imagery and frequent revisits. Our Earth Observation data from space supports unique applications across a range of market sectors:

Defence, Security
and Intelligence

Our services range from military reconnaissance to detection systems for defence, geospatial intelligence & national security applications.

Urban Management
/ Smart Cities

Enhance sustainable urban development & smart city planning. Our satellite data aids city infrastructure management & population density mapping.

Maritime Monitoring,
Observation & Tracking

Enhance maritime monitoring & tracking with satellite data. We provide live vessel tracking for boats & cargo ships with real-time data & detailed mapping.

Energy & Natural

Our resource mapping satellite imagery aids sustainable Oil & Gas exploration. We provide remote sensing geology services including oil spill detection.

National Mapping
& Cadastral Solutions

Our satellite technology makes geological mapping easy, for any location on Earth. Get high quality, very high-resolution mapping services with Earth-i.

Civil &
Local Government

Enhanced decision making for government organisations on land and carbon management, as well as law enforcement with satellite images.


Earth-i's precision farming technology enhances organisations' site specific crop management using satellite imagery.

Environmental &
Disaster Response

Satellite data enhances environmental disaster response and risk reduction through flood, forest fire and deforestation detection & monitoring services.

Commercial &

Satellite imagery greatly aids companies working in construction & engineering. Analyse locations for commercial & insurance risks with satellite mapping.

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