24th September 2020Press

Global Copper Smelting Activity Rebounds During August

GLOBAL COPPER SMELTING ACTIVITY REBOUNDS DURING AUGUST 24 September 2020 – The SAVANT platform, a unique geo-spatial analytics product focused on global copper smelting activity, showed a strong improvement in August, as the sector recovered from the July multi-year lows. August also saw North American smelting activity rebound particularly strongly. August Observations: The global activity… (continued)

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22nd September 2020Press

Earth-i teams up with Pantoja Engineering in Brazil

Earth-i teams up with Pantoja Engineering in Brazil 22nd September 2020 – Earth-i is pleased to announce it has joined forces with Pantoja Engineering in Brazil. The Pantoja team’s deep expertise in engineering services mean it is well placed to support Earth-i’s access to the Brazilian market, and deliver innovative remote sensing and geospatial intelligence… (continued)

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28th August 2020ACCORD

Why conscious consumerism can help unlock sustainability for coffee farmers

From the move to re-usable coffee cups and paper straws, to the purchasing of products from retailers with strong ethics statements, coffee-drinkers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption habits. To continue to meet demand, many businesses are implementing sustainability initiatives, showcasing their commitments to ethical procurement processes, and demonstrating their corporate… (continued)

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18th August 2020Press

Global Copper Smelting Activity During July Drops Sharply To Multi-year Lows

GLOBAL COPPER SMELTING ACTIVITY DURING JULY DROPS SHARPLY TO MULTI-YEAR LOWS 18 August 2020 – The SAVANT platform, a unique geo-spatial analytics product launched in October 2019 by Earth-i and Marex Spectron, shows a significant decline in global copper smelting activity during July, which is in sharp contrast to the robust recovery observed in recent… (continued)

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7th August 2020Press

Earth-i is recruiting: Senior Developer

7th August 2020 – Earth-i is looking for a Senior Developer, with a focus on Remote Sensing, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to join our Technology team and support our analytics and insights products. There are a wide range of challenges from advancing Earth-i’s current products, Mentoring Junior Developers on custom projects, and R&D projects;… (continued)

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31st July 2020ACCORD

ACCORD endorsed by farmers in latest survey results

The success of the ACCORD programme relies critically on the enthusiastic adoption of the service by the farmers themselves. Even the smartest technology is ultimately useless if the users themselves don’t embrace it. A critical part of measuring the success and the impact of the ACCORD technology and service has therefore been to keep a… (continued)

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