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Vivid-i video from Space

Unlocking New Insights

Unlike other operators, we harness Earth observation data from multiple operators across multiple sensors and resolutions, and we blend these together with other data using cutting edge AI and automated data analytics. We package this with geospatial expertise to get you the answers you need to make better decisions, faster.

Our history of being a satellite operator helps us really understand the upstream satellite market and how to get the most from the many providers and services.

We’re flexible and agile with a long history of successful projects and happy customers. You can be confident that we’ll do what we say we’ll do, and that we can achieve your goals.

We may have the foremost earth observation experts and data scientists in the business, but you’ll find us helpful and friendly with a can-do attitude. We’re always happy to chat; no pressure!

Video From Space


Ground-breaking full motion video

Vivid-i was conceived as a ground-breaking constellation of Very High Resolution satellites, providing full motion, full colour video from space, with very high frequency revisits, at multiple times of day:

  • Initial planned 15 satellites to improve revisit frequency to multiple times of day to any location on Earth.
  • 60cm (Super resolution) and 1m GSD full motion, colour video
  • 5.2km x 5.2km fixed frame geometry images
  • 3 band true colour, Bayer filter
Video From Space


Road and shipping action in Seattle

Airport traffic movements in Mumbai

Further Detail

Satellite Type: 



1m GSD 


Sun Synchronous, altitude of 505km 

Imaging Modes 

Video and still imagery 

Swath Width: 

5km x 5km scene size 

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