Copernicus4Energy – Another opportunity for Earth Observation

18th October 2017Blog

Blog by Peter Hausknecht, Chief Scientist. Thursday the 12th of October – Brussels – 9:30 am, I am sitting together with about 100 colleagues in the Breydel auditorium of DG-GROW the EU’s ‘Department General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs’. The EU Copernicus program is hosting an industry workshop on ‘Copernicus 4 Energy’ ahead… (continued)

Case Study: Queensland Government – How EARTH-i delivers annual wide-area, very high resolution imagery for an entire State

28th June 2017Blog

The Opportunity In 2016 the State Government of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines) committed to acquire very high-resolution satellite imagery of the entire state on an annual basis. Earth-i was able to demonstrate to the DNRM that full State-wide coverage was now possible at less than 1m resolution. The 80cm pixel size data… (continued)

How Satellites Are Keeping The Cost Of Your Flat White Down

11th April 2017Blog

Coffee plantings near Juja, Kenya (infrared) – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i Coffee production is a multi-billion pound industry, which provides a significant financial boost to the economies of some of the poorest countries in the world. However, factors such as climate change, coffee leaf rust, pests, and extreme weather can potentially cause a dramatic… (continued)

A gold mine of information

6th March 2017Blog

Leveraging remote sensing technologies like satellite imaging to support natural resource exploration activities is not a new concept. Doing so in a value-adding, cost-saving and user-friendly manner has been a challenge for many years. However, we have entered a new era of geospatial intelligence. More high-resolution imaging satellites have been launched since the beginning of… (continued)

How Satellites are Forcing Maritime Pirates to Walk the Plank

23rd February 2017Blog
Satellite image of Istanbul port

Istanbul Port Satellite Image – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i Maritime piracy affects major shipping lanes and trade harbours all over the world. In 2012, this resulted in a US$6 billion per annum impact to the world’s economy. What’s more, piracy puts at risk the lives of seafarers and merchant seamen, of whom hundreds are… (continued)

Satellite Intelligence: A Solution to the Refugee Crisis?

23rd February 2017Blog
Satellite image of Zataari refugee camp

 Zaatari Refugee Camp Satellite Image – All rights reserved ©21AT ©Earth-i In recent years, the global refugee crisis has reached unprecedented proportions. There are estimated to be upwards of 65.3 million people forcibly displaced worldwide by conflicts that have flared from Latin America and the Middle East to Western Asia and the Pacific Rim. A… (continued)

Principia Schools Conference November 2016

22nd November 2016Blog

No cutting-edge technologies were used and no ground-breaking scientific discoveries were quite yet made. But an entire generation of future scientists were inspired! Earth-i was at a recent Principia Schools Conference in Portsmouth, organised by the UK Space Agency (UKSA), which exhibited and celebrated the work done by over a million school students throughout the… (continued)

Very high resolution satellite data – is there a need in geoscience application?

22nd September 2016Blog

By Peter Hausknecht for The Geological Remote Sensing Group newsletter. Issue 75 | September 2016 The last few years have seen an accelerated provision of very high resolution satellite data* by a number of providers in the commercial satellite data supply world. Since 2015 satellites produced by SSTL in the UK are part of this… (continued)

Location, location, location

25th July 2016Blog

We were having the best time at the Farnborough Airshow. The kids were running around excitedly looking at all the planes, helicopters and every other flying machine imaginable when my father started to feel unwell. Given his age, we weren’t sure how serious it was. I hurried to find a steward who immediately contacted the… (continued)