22nd March 2021ACCORD

Tackling sustainability top down in smallholder coffee farming

Tackling sustainability in smallholder coffee farming in the face of climate change has largely been a ‘bottom-up’ effort. Achieving sustainability for the world’s smallholder farmers requires rapid development of a global ‘top-down’ approach before time runs out. Smallholder farmers are vital for world food production and food security. Although estimates vary, recent research estimates that… (continued)

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15th March 2021ACCORD

Sustainable Coffee Farming – An industry call to action!

As the ACCORD programme draws to a close it is inevitably a time to reflect on what we have learned about such an important industry as coffee. It is a commodity we generally take for granted – the daily cup of tasty excellence and reinvigoration that we so rely on to get through our busy… (continued)

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8th December 2020ACCORD

ACCORD surpasses 50,000 fields mapped in Kenya and Rwanda

The ACCORD team have achieved a major milestone in the programme having surpassed its goal of 50,000 coffee fields mapped in Kenya and Rwanda. With a running total of over 51,000 fields now in the programme, ACCORD (funded by the UK Space Agency’s International Partnerships Programme) has achieved the target set at the beginning of… (continued)

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30th October 2020ACCORD

What does innovation taste like? Ask Mario…

SF Bay Coffee Company is a shining example of innovations for smallholder farmers in the African coffee business designed to improve livelihoods and sustainability. Farming five hectares in Kigoma Sector SF Bay’s 20,000 coffee trees sit at 1,743-1,935 metres above sea level. This location experiences varying temperature levels of 16-25 degrees, perfect for growing high-quality… (continued)

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27th October 2020ACCORD

Earth-i promotes Gary Crowley to Head of Technology

27th October 2020 – Earth-i is pleased to announce the promotion of Gary Crowley to Head of Technology. Gary, after 20 years in the space industry, has accumulated a rare wealth of knowledge and experience across the whole EO value chain from mission design and operations through to the processing and delivery of downstream analytics… (continued)

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