25th February 2020ACCORD

Agronomists: equipping the cornerstones of Kenyan coffee production

Coffee exports are hugely important for the Kenyan economy. It is estimated that there are over 700,000 smallholder coffee farmers in the country, as well as around 3,000 large estate farms. Kenya is renowned for high quality Arabica coffee, and despite producing less coffee per year than its peak in the 1990s, it maintains its… (continued)

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17th February 2020ACCORD

Keeping Kenyan coffee competitive: how farmers can grow more ‘best in world’ Arabica

Africa once dominated the global coffee market. At the height of their production, African countries made up four of the top 10 coffee-producing countries in the world. However, exports from the continent have shrunk in recent years. African coffee-producing countries have struggled to keep up with strong competition from coffee powerhouses like Brazil and Vietnam,… (continued)

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3rd February 2020ACCORD

Coffee farming: the next area ripe for an analytics revolution

Collecting and analysing large amounts of data is revolutionising almost every industry. The surge in accessibility to data means that we have a much greater analytical capacity for almost any process, device, or phenomenon that can be measured. Manufacturers are capturing data about each and every step in their production in order to maximise its… (continued)

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