23rd October 2020ACCORD

Earth-i’s Accord coffee team publish interim progress report

23rd October 2020 – ACCORD is working with more than 40,000 coffee farmers in Kenya and Rwanda and has had some notable success to date. This case study offers an overview of key successes and learnings of the Advanced Coffee Crop Optimisation for Rural Development (ACCORD) project at the midpoint of implementation. It outlines the… (continued)

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30th September 2020ACCORD

Kinini Coffee pioneers the ACCORD service to build a sustainable partnership with farmers

Kinini Coffee is an innovative and entrepreneurial coffee company in Rwanda, with a strong focus on social enterprise to improve the livelihoods, economic security and sustainability of its coffee farmers. The company became a partner in the ACCORD programme (funded by the UK Space Agencies International Partnership Programme) in 2018 to increase the level of… (continued)

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28th August 2020ACCORD

Why conscious consumerism can help unlock sustainability for coffee farmers

From the move to re-usable coffee cups and paper straws, to the purchasing of products from retailers with strong ethics statements, coffee-drinkers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption habits. To continue to meet demand, many businesses are implementing sustainability initiatives, showcasing their commitments to ethical procurement processes, and demonstrating their corporate… (continued)

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31st July 2020ACCORD

ACCORD endorsed by farmers in latest survey results

The success of the ACCORD programme relies critically on the enthusiastic adoption of the service by the farmers themselves. Even the smartest technology is ultimately useless if the users themselves don’t embrace it. A critical part of measuring the success and the impact of the ACCORD technology and service has therefore been to keep a… (continued)

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25th June 2020ACCORD

Here’s the best thing we can do for coffee farmers in unpredictable times

Agriculture is a major contributor to the economic growth of many countries. Crucial to that growth are the many millions of smallholder farmers, whose expertise and hard work in the field underpin the global agricultural sector. This is especially true for the 26,000,000 coffee growers in more than 70 producer countries. Coffee requires careful supervision,… (continued)

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