23rd July 2020Press

Earth-i announces new satellite video exploitation platform – VANTAGE

Earth-i announces new satellite video exploitation platform – VANTAGE 23rd July 2020 – Earth-i is delighted to announce that it has secured a contract with the European Space Agency to implement the Earth Observation Video Analytics and Exploitation Platform which is to be called Vantage. Responding to a tender in open competition, Earth-i teamed with… (continued)

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11th July 2019Press

Assessing Infrastructure using Geospatial Intelligence

There are many industries that need reliable and timely information and intelligence related to infrastructure such as buildings, powerlines, roads, railways, bridges, dams, in fact any large infrastructure. Whether it be for monitoring, maintenance, insurance or safety it is essential to have regular inspection and evaluation of infrastructure. One key challenge is that assessing risk… (continued)

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1st July 2019Blog

Top 5 uses of video from space – why full-colour HD video from space matters

Colour High Definition video from space is catalysing fundamental and disruptive changes for the Geospatial Intelligence and Earth Observation industries. Earth-i claims its place as the global leader, and we are not alone in recognising the value of video from space with others in the early stages of looking to develop their own video constellations…. (continued)

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6th June 2019Blog

RADAR vs OPTICAL Earth Observation – Why both?

Optical satellite imagery is a great way to view the world as the human eye does, however it does not always reveal to us all the “secrets” that the Earth holds, especially as it will always be at the mercy of clouds. Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) on the other hand, can image at both day… (continued)

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30th May 2019Events

Earth-i to attend GEOINT 2019 in San Antonio, Texas

Earth-i is pleased to announce that Air Vice Marshal Sean Corbett (Ret’d) CB MBE, Director of Defence, Security and Intelligence (DSI) and Paul Majmader, Commercial Director will be attending GEOINT 2019. The GEOINT takes place from 2nd to 5th June at the Henry B. Gonzalez Centre in San Antonio, Texas and is hosted by the… (continued)

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21st May 2019Events

Earth-i’s Chief Operating Officer joins the ‘Future of Earth Observation panel’ at GEOBusiness 2019

Earth-i is pleased to announce that Charles Davis, Chief Operating Officer, will be joining the ‘Future of Earth Observation’ seminar session at GEOBusiness 2019 in London. The Future of Earth Observation seminar will explore how the industry is going through a notable transformation as space data becomes more readily available to the commercial market. The… (continued)

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