National Mapping and Cadastral Solutions

With the rapid rise of location-based services and applications, accurate mapping solutions are essential enablers for a wide range of user communities. Geospatial data is putting National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies (NMCA) at the very forefront of the economic and social development of their nations through the development of fit-for-purpose spatial data frameworks. See our e-Guide on why geospatial data is integral to the wellbeing of nations.

Very high-resolution Earth observation satellite imagery provides a critical baseline for creating effective GIS strategy and the foundation for a modern National Spatial Data Infrastructure. Rapid advancements in Earth Observation technology now present an opportunity for all nations to build a spatial data framework that’s inclusive, accurate, attainable and affordable.

Earth-i prides itself on the actionability of our Earth Observation data from a range of commercial satellites that provide high quality, detailed imagery to support better decision and policy making. Earth-i provides an integrated, end-to-end, fully managed service that ensures delivery of high-resolution satellite data, image processing and advanced analytics and modelling.

In addition to the data acquisition, orthorectification, pan-sharpening and mosaicking that’s included in our mapping solution, we also provide advanced data analytics for a range of applications.

Sample Applications:
• Land use classification
• Feature extraction
• Boundary identification
• Vegetation health monitoring
• Change detection
• Forestry monitoring
• Environmental monitoring
• Digital elevation models

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e-Guide: Why geospatial data is integral to the wellbeing of nations

On the basis that ‘everything happens somewhere’, location data use a critical information source.

Download our e-Guide to receive insight into how the rapid advancement of technology in commercial satellites presents a new opportunity for national mapping and cadastral authorities across the globe.



Why use very high-resolution satellite imagery for mapping?

Recent innovations in Earth Observation satellites and the development of larger scale commercial constellations have transformed the attainability of mapping from space. These “New Space” commercial satellites now offer Very-High Resolution imagery of any location on Earth with wide area coverage, and the capacity for high frequency revisits. Very high-resolution data at sub-one metre dramatically improves the level of actional detail that be derived from satellite imagery. Given that this highly effective capability can also be very affordable, it is rapidly becoming the data source of choice for many National Mapping and Cadastral Agencies.

What is a Digital Elevation Model?

Digital Elevation Models (DEM) provide the height information of an area of interest. In combination with a topographic map, this will give the user a remarkable three-dimensional understanding of an area of interest. This will also allow for further analysis, including checking the line-of-sight impact of developments and being able to model the flow of water given any changes in the water course.

What is a National Spatial Data Infrastructure?

The formation of a National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) is a goal that almost all countries aspire to, and that many are actively pursuing. The Infrastructure is developed by implementing a framework for geospatial data that is inclusive of all a nations territory, accurate in the depth of detail it provides, frequently updated and attainable through new commercial satellite technology, and actionable in supporting better information sharing, policy formulation and decision making for better economic, social and environmental outcomes for governments and communities.