Enhance Security & Intelligence With Satellite Services

Today’s defence and intelligence mission requires a persistent flow of high quality geospatial information from multiple sensor platforms. With a wide variety of trouble spots across the globe, and a multitude of threats, persistent and timely intelligence and insight from high resolution reconnaissance satellites is critical to the analysis and prevention of threats to global and local security.

Earth-i understands the crucial link between satellites and national security, and the benefits of geospatial intelligence gathering. From our UK base, we can assist in delivering high spatial and temporal resolution data to defence organisations and security agencies to meet their needs in support of ISR, GEOINT and IMINT missions. Understanding the dual challenge of quick response to rising threats and ever-increasing budget restraints, Earth-i’s mission is to supply imaging intelligence through very high resolution spatial and temporal data, advanced imagery processing and quick response services with daily revisits to target areas of interest worldwide.

- Mission planning, advanced satellite reconnaissance and intelligence gathering
- Target monitoring and change detection
- Infrastructure, assets and personnel movement analysis
- Land and maritime border mapping and monitoring
- Situational awareness and crisis support

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Case Study: Queensland Government

Annual wide-area, very high resolution imagery for an entire State

Full State-wide coverage at less than 1m resolution

In 2016 the State Government of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources and Mines) committed to acquire very high resolution satellite imagery of the entire state on an annual basis. Earth-i was able to demonstrate to the DNRM that full State-wide coverage was now possible at less than 1m resolution.


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What is satellite intelligence?

Intelligence derived from satellites is a critical part of Imagery Intelligence (IMINT) which itself contributes to the intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition, and reconnaissance (ISTAR) function that is key to all defence organisations. Understanding the situation on the ground means that better decisions are taken with regards to conflict resolution or deployment of assets onto the battlefield.

How many surveillance satellites are currently orbiting Earth?

There are currently just over 1,070 operational satellites of all types orbiting the Earth. This includes communications and navigational satellites, in addition to the large number of Earth observation satellites, both optical and radar (SAR) that are used for defence and security surveillance missions, or commercial Earth observation or monitoring tasks.

Are commercial satellites available for defence and security applications?

Commercially-owned Earth observation satellites augment government and military-owned sensors for both surveillance and reconnaissance. As commercial capacity is rapidly increasing with more satellites being launched, it is estimated that approximately one third of the current market for satellite imagery is purchased for defence, security and intelligence applications.