11th February 2019Blog

The Application of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence for Geospatial Intelligence Analysis

The complexity and global nature of the contemporary threat environment is placing unparalleled demands on resource-strapped defence, security and intelligence organisations. As Sean explored in his previous thought paper, ‘Intelligence as a Service: time for a new approach? it is widely recognised that the commercial world will need to play an important role in supporting Governments and Agencies in combating threats and enhancing our understanding.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are a powerful duo, which when used together with satellite imagery, can greatly contribute to the efficiency and success of practices among multiple operations in the defence sector.

It is certain that AI and ML will be used within the defence intelligence sector more and more as technologies evolve, however there is growing questions about how accurate and reliable the outputs of AI and ML will be, and whether it is strong enough for military organisations to use.

Sean Corbett, Director of Defence, Security and Intelligence, explores in depth the potential for AI and ML to be used for analysis in the defence intelligence sector, and how important these methods could be in contributing to the success of military intelligence assessment and analysis.

Sean Corbett CB, MBE joined Earth-i after thirty years’ service as a professional intelligence officer in the RAF and was also the first non-US Deputy Director of a US Intelligence Agency.

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