1st March 2016Press

Applications Partners at Satellite Catapult

Discussions with potential partners at the Satellite Applications Catapult
Starting at 13:00 tomorrow, 2nd March, Earth-i will deliver a short briefing to be followed by dedicated 10 minute slots for applications providers to discuss working more closely with Earth-i.

If you are interested in attending the briefing session and/or reserving a slot for a discussion, please contact Steve Young steve.young@earthi.space.co.uk.


13:00 to 13:20 – Earth-i briefing.

13:20 to 14:30 – 10 minute briefing slots for discussions with Earth-i.

14:30 onwards, Catapult Satuccino

March ‘Satuccino’ Coffee and Chat

Following the Earth-i briefing and discussion event, there is a further opportunity to meet over a coffee from 14:30 to chat about industry trends and news at the regular Satellite Applications Catapult Satuccino event.