VividX2 Captures Mural for Nelson Mandela Day 2018

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Today marks Nelson Mandela’s 100th birthday, with the 18th of July officially declared internationally as Mandela Day by the United Nations in 2009. Each year the day honors the former president of South Africa as he fought tirelessly for human rights and championed freedom, both in South Africa and globally.
On 4th of April, our VividX2 satellite captured full-colour video footage of a large mural celebrating the life of Nelson Mandela, created by 106 men at Zonderwater Correctional Centre. The impressive mural, made from many individual blankets stitched together, is clearly visible from space. The project was initiated by 67 Blankets, a campaign which works in unison with Nelson Mandela Day to introduce crocheting into the curriculum of correctional services.
Take a look at how the impressive mural looks from space on our YouTube channel:

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