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Earth-i’s Chief Operating Officer joins the ‘Future of Earth Observation panel’ at GEOBusiness 2019

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  • Earth-i’s Chief Operating Officer joins the ‘Future of Earth Observation panel’ at GEOBusiness 2019

Earth-i is pleased to announce that Charles Davis, Chief Operating Officer, will be joining the ‘Future of Earth Observation seminar session at GEOBusiness 2019 in London.
The Future of Earth Observation seminar will explore how the industry is going through a notable transformation as space data becomes more readily available to the commercial market. The seminar will also explore some of the key technologies that will further add to the growth of the downstream services sector.
Charles’ contribution to the seminar, titled ‘The Business of integrated Earth Observation based information’, will focus on the commercialisation of Earth Observation. He will discuss the increasing requirement to develop Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to create efficiencies within the geospatial market and further it’s growth. Charles will be joined by a number of leading organisations from the geospatial sector, including the Satellite Applications Catapult, Google and Argans.
Each year, GEOBusiness attracts 3,000 visitors from over 50 countries around the world. GEOBusiness is a free to attend event which brings together industry experts and leading organisations to demonstrate and debate the remarkable impact geospatial technology and solutions are having on the global environment.
Charles Davis commented: ‘Space technology is hard, but ensuring commercialisation of the technology is even harder. I’m looking forward to demonstrating how automation, AI and emerging technologies to provide an insight into what the future of EO will look like’.
To book a one-to-one meeting with Charles at GEOBusiness, please email with your preferred date and time.

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