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Earth-i welcomes SPIN summer intern

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Earth-i welcomes SPIN summer intern
30th July 2020 – Earth-i welcomes Josh Redmond to the Earth-i Technology team under the SPIN intern programme.
The Space Placements in INdustry scheme (SPIN) is a UK Space Agency project designed to provide an introductory link for those considering employment in the space sector. It also allows space sector organisations to find talented and enthusiastic people, which will ensure the future success of their businesses.
Josh joins the team whilst undertaking a PhD in Environmental Intelligence. “I’m very excited to be joining Earth-i for 8 weeks as part of the Space Placements in Industry scheme to learn more about some fascinating cutting edge science. This will be a great opportunity for me to spend time in an industry I aspire to work in after I finish my studies, and I’m really looking forward to joining the team and getting hands on with some interesting and challenging work” commented Josh.
Josh joins a team of remote sensing, GIS, developer and data science experts who are working on fusing multi-sensor and multi-resolution earth observation datasets with the latest AI techniques to deliver proactive commercial insights.
David Roberts-Lock, Senior Developer of Earth-i, who is overseeing this year’s SPIN internships at Earth-i said “After an unprecedented number of applicant Earth-i is pleased to welcome Josh Redmond into the team for the SPIN placement scheme. Josh joins us at a time where we are seeking to expand our manipulation of Earth Observation data and will become instrumental in allowing us to add new analytics tools to our portfolio.”
About Earth-i
Earth-i is an innovative British Geospatial Information provider fusing multi-operator, multi-resolution, multi-sensor Earth Observation (EO) data including satellite video coupled with advanced analytics and geospatial experts to provide near-real time actionable insights.
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