Dr Peter Hausknecht to address a “New Dimension in EO” at GEO Business 2018

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A new dimension in Earth Observation (EO) is being pioneered by Earth-i with their new constellation of satellites bringing HD colour video to the geospatial world. The Vivid-i Constellation already has a successful prototype satellite in space after the launch of VividX2 on 12 January 2018, into polar orbit at 505km above Earth.
The Earth-i analytics team have been working on the first demonstration datasets since late March 2018 and a public release of first videos was made on 16 April 2018 attracting widespread industry and media attention. The first production batch of satellites in the Vivid-i constellation’s is scheduled for launch in late 2019 and will provide daily revisit opportunities for any location on Earth. These satellites will deliver a new dimension in very high-resolution data to the geospatial community.
This new dimension in Earth Observation is time. Not only will the Vivid-i Constellation enable image and video acquisitions at multiple times of day, of a single target location on Earth, but each satellite will be able to record full-colour video sequences of up to 120 seconds, locked on the target area of interest. This high-frame rate data and motion video collected will enable new depths of analysis, 3D/4D modelling and much improved situational awareness, as well as deeper insights as to what is happening ‘on location’, when ‘a situation’ may require frequent information updates.
Daily very high-resolution monitoring, with video capability, at multiple times of day, is a game-changer. It will create new exciting opportunities in the geo-located ‘big data’ world and benefit customers in many sectors, especially those with assets or strategic interest in high value / high risk environments and locations.
Peter Hausknecht, Earth-i’s Chief Scientist, will be presenting at this year’s GEO Business event on Tuesday 22 May at 15:25. GEO Business is a free event taking place in London for everyone involved in the gathering, storing, processing and delivery of geospatial information across a variety of sectors.
To arrange a meeting with Peter to discuss the Vivid-i Constellation at GEO Business 2018, please contact: enquiries@earthi.space.co.uk

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