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Earth-i’s new SPECTRUM platform to be launched in May

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Earth-i’s new SPECTRUM platform to be launched in May
27 April 2020 – In the run up to the launch of our new geo-spatial platform – SPECTRUM – we are releasing previews of the platform over the coming weeks.
The service combines multi-sensor / multi-resolution satellite data with Earth-i’s proprietary machine learning and 3D algorithms, allowing customers to proactively monitor assets such as critical infrastructure and supply chains, globally.
Great work by the Earth-i technology team, and huge thanks to Satellite Applications Catapult, Roke Manor for their great work and Innovate UK for their support.
The system goes live at the end of May!
About Earth-i
Earth-i provides unique insights and analytics through Earth Observation. It utilises industry leading access to more than thirty multi-sensor / multi-resolution satellites and has developed advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning-led analytics to build on its satellite image processing expertise. Earth-i launched its own Earth Observation satellite in 2018, capable of collecting high definition colour videos from space.
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