SAVANT copper index continues to increase coverage in China

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Earth-i’s SAVANT continues to increase coverage in China
28 July 2020 – With recent additions to the SAVANT remote sensing data sources the Earth-i team has now added two more Chinese copper smelters, Jinlong and Zhongtiaoshan, to our global copper smelting index.
This increases the SAVANT China smelter coverage up to 85% of the Chinese market. Operational data is available since March 2016. The Earth-i technology team continues to work with our partner Marex Spectron on additional data sources to add more Copper smelter activity during 2020.
Earth-i monitors up to 90% of the smelting capacity for copper around the globe. Using daily updated sources, including extensive use of geo-spatial data collected from satellites, the index reports on the activities at the world’s smelting plants offering subscribers unprecedented levels of coverage, accuracy and reliability. This dataset allows users to make better informed and more timely trading decisions.
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About Earth-i Limited
Earth-i is an innovative British Geospatial Information provider fusing multi-operator, multi-resolution, multi-sensor Earth Observation (EO) data including satellite video coupled with advanced analytics and geospatial experts to provide near-real time actionable insights.
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About Marex Spectron Group Limited
Marex Spectron is a leading global commodities brokerage, with significant market share of many major Agricultural, Metal and Energy products. Headquartered in London, Marex Spectron’s extensive international network covers Europe, Asia and North America markets.
State-of-the-art electronic and voice broking services facilitates all types of trading strategies. This is backed by decades of experience, with Marex Spectron placing great emphasis on intellectual knowledge and insight, alongside access to extensive data sets and the latest analytical tools. Its clients are commodity producers and consumers, banks, hedge funds, asset managers, brokers, commodity trading advisors and professional traders.

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