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Earth-i and Planet renew Partnership

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Earth-i and Planet renew Partnership
15th June 2020 – Earth-i is pleased to announce our renewed partnership with Planet, a global leader in Earth imaging.
“The value Planet brings to Earth-i’s ML- and AI-based satellite imagery and video analytics capability helps the Earth-i team to quickly unlock the answers to our commercial customers’ geospatial questions, and at a scale not possible previously,” said Owen Hawkins, Product Development Director at Earth-i.
The key benefits Planet brings to Earth-i include range of imagery resolution, ease of tasking and accessing remote sensing data, and most of all—high-temporal revisit, which is available in the current and upcoming Planetscope and SkySat constellations. Planet data helps Earth-i, alongside our other technology suppliers, to create powerful information products such as ACCORD, SAVANT and SPECTRUM.
Whether it is the Earth-i team testing a new product idea, undertaking a custom geospatial project or building a new geospatial intelligence service, Planet’s portfolio of multi-resolution optical imagery and their constellation’s high revisit allows the Earth-i technology team to prototype and test rapidly and cost-effectively.
In addition to these benefits, the SkySat constellation’s video capabilities allows Earth-i to extend our video algorithms created for the Vivid-i colour HD video constellation across the SkySat constellation. Satellite video allows Earth-i to create:
* Improved and faster object recognition
* More accurate 3D modelling and virtual environments
* More accurate change detection
* The ability to mitigate effects of cloud cover
* Provide movement identification and analysis
“Planet is pleased to announce a reseller partnership with Earth-i, a leading provider of AI remote sensing data and analytics in the UK,” said Jason Jones, Director of Channels and Alliances EMEA at Planet. “We look forward to working with them to unlock the true potential of geospatial insights across multiple industries”.
Please visit the Earth-i website for more information.
About Earth-i
Earth-i is an innovative British Geospatial Information provider fusing multi-operator, multi-resolution, multi-sensor Earth Observation (EO) data including satellite video coupled with advanced analytics and geospatial experts to provide near-real time actionable insights.
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About Planet
Planet is an integrated aerospace and data analytics company that operates history’s largest commercial fleet of satellites, collecting daily high-resolution imagery of Earth’s entire landmass and operating 15 sub-meter satellites for a rapid revisit capability. Planet’s daily snapshot captures a massive amount of information about our changing planet, and is delivered with the software and analytics users need to make critical business decisions. To learn more about Planet visit
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